Three Things


1. Where do all the party girls go when it’s 5:00 p.m. in San Francisco?! Simple. We’re all at Lolo’s – our new coveted spot. This bright and cozy mexican food restaurant serves up the best margs and shrimp tacos in the city. Don’t believe us? Check them out yourself.

2. Obviously we’re all for the “little things”, duh. So, of course we scouted this Coordinates bracelet and died when we learned its sweet meaning. This bracelet, customizable when you order, allows you to add the place of someone special to you, or hey if you can’t seem to remember where you live when the clock strikes midnight we’ve found your solution.

3. Chocolate cravings happen – there’s no way around it! Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups make us feel less bad about surrendering to our cravings. We’re big fans.


Three Things


1. Monogrammed pillows. Everyone likes a customized something (duh), mix that with our love for metallics and you have these fabulous throw pillows. These cuties are lining our couches at only $50.00 a piece! That’s cheap when it comes to throw pillows, and customized ones at that. Order here !

2. Fine, we’re into baking lately (carb parties). Maybe it’s because we’re baking our perfect men? These hilarious cookie cutters (yes, they’re featured in our Cue Cupid packages) are beyond cute and make baking a lot more fun! Find them here !

3. Every party girl needs a set of good wheels. We’re talking a beach cruiser, baby! If you’re feeling extra sassy throw a basket on the front of yours and spruce it up a bit – just a suggestion. We’re crushing on all of the Bianchi beach cruisers currently. Click here for a Bianchi retailer near you to buy, obvi.

The First Look


Have you ever visited a place you went when you were little or long ago only to find it didn’t look quite the same? Maybe not quite as big? Not as shiny, perhaps? And if you’ve ever felt this way don’t you wish you could again capture that euphoric feeling you felt when you first saw it? The full on, goosebumps-smiling-wide-eyed way you saw it the very first time?

The older I get, the more often I feel this way. Whether it be an old house, or an old love, there’s always something special about seeing it that first time. You’ve been there. This wide-eyed feeling is how I feel looking at Packed Party today, in this very moment.

As we approach our 90 day mark of an idea I had in my bed – I still have that same feeling of first look awe.

I hope it never goes away. I doubt it will. To describe it, it’s like the first time I saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Ever seen it? Yah. It’s a touch big, overwhelming, a bit terrifying, but so incredibly powerful…something you gravitate towards. Just having lived here over 6 months now I watch myself gravitate to it on most walks, talks with friends, anything really, it’s somehow always in the picture and I don’t know if it will ever quite get “old” or washed up to me – it will never be a “background” because it always steals the show. I can’t picture just thinking “oh you” staring at it.

Packed Party is truly the same. I gravitate toward it each day not because I have to (yes it’s my job), but because it is that euphoric, scary, and truly fun feeling I get every time I work on it. Packed Party has grown into something a bit different for each person that its come into contact with. For me, Packed Party was an outlet when I was having a Pity Party. My own of course, over something silly and so small in the grand scheme of things. We’ve received notes in the last few months regarding everything from starting chemotherapy, having a tragic breakup, or a magical birthday…all including Packed Party in their moments. Of course, we’re fortunate enough to have received awesome feedback. But as we’re growing (and quickly) I never want to lose the idea of answering to all of these notes in a personal manner. I’ve had the privilege of emailing all of these people directly and hearing their stories and how Packed Party gave them that “awe” feeling when they saw it on their doorstep. This has been an incredible feeling, not only for me, but the whole Packed Party team.

We never want to lose our “wide-eyed” look when dealing with our customers or packages. I can’t imagine it truthfully. We deal with each of our customers with compassion and “soft hearts” because well, we’ve been there whatever it is. Not all of our emails are sad, of course, a lot of them are quite exciting! “Can I order 50 for my Single Ladies Valentine’s Party?”  or our standard “my friend is extremely picky, she needs something perfect for her birthday, something out there and I think this may be it. Help!”. Each of these people coming to us gets a first look. I can promise you we won’t lose our luster as we grow! Stick around, we have so much fun planned and we’re going to keep treating you, our friends, like it’s the first time we’ve met.

Three Things


1. Burgundy nails. We like our wine dark red, yes, but more recently our nails too! We’re seeing this color pop up every where since its recent debut on the red carpet. It’s the perfect “fun meets sophisticated” winter transitional color, and your nails don’t arrive before you do if you get what we mean?

2. Finding that oh-so-perfect chocolate to compliment you is a series of dating in itself. Are you the serial chocolate eater who goes through the entire box only to still find yourself unsatisfied? Stop right there. We’ve found your prince charming. He’s a little, um, rough around the edges with his name, but we assure you, it’s whats under the wrapping that counts. Meet Dude Sweet Chocolate, our match made in heaven. Pssst! He may or may not be featured in our Cue Cupid package currently.

3. We realize not everyone lives here in San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit (or drool at your desk about what we’re eating)! We’re obsessing over Foreign Cinema and highly recommend you making 1, or 3 stops when in San Fran, or scooting on over if you live here currently. This place not only has to-die-for food, but the ambiance..ah, behold perfection. They play movies on the side of the building outside under a canopy of lights whilst you enjoy your 5 star meal…sold? Check it out here.

Three Things

3 things template 1.281. If you’re anything like us, your phone is constantly dying when you go out. Maybe you’ve even gone as far as to tote your charger around to bars with you? This adorable Mighty Purse clutch has changed all this with its ability to charge your phone right from the inside of the bag! Crazy right? It’s worth every penny.

2. You’ve heard of a rat’s nest, right? The one that lives atop select heads in the mornings? A real pain to comb through we must say. Believe it or knot, the Wet Brush is the solution to this rat’s nest post shower! Broken hairs and tangles be gone, we’re never looking back.

3.  What we’re reading you ask? How To Be A Party Girl by Pat Montandon. This book is an old school go-to on all the basics of well, yes, a party girl. Montadon, named the “Queen of California” and San Francisco socialite walks us through everything from how to host a party to how to dress and be a true party woman. We may or may not have snagged a few few edition copies. Don’t read? Use it as a coffee table book, duh.


Three Things

3things-012120141. Custom Illustrations! We’re completely captured by them and the thoughtfulness they can convey to someone as a special gift or just as a keepsake to give to yourself. We’re obsessing over this one specifically from the talented and ever-sweet Stephanie Jimenez. She’s beyond talented (clearly), and captured our “it only takes one” mantra with the single Packed Party package in the middle.

2. Okay so we like marshmallows..scratch that, we love marshmallows! We also have a knack for taking photos (just check our Instagram). Meet Boomf, based out of the UK, they allow you to make your photos into we’re not kidding. How cool is THIS!? Order here for your next party, duh.

3. Child scented everything. Prepare yourself, your world and love life may change with just one swipe! No really, we’re dead serious. Meet the best-smelling pheromones in the game, just ask some of my friends- who, no lie, grabbed me by the arm and demanded to know what it was I was wearing and why it smelled so amazing. Buy some and conduct an experiment for yourself, you’ll laugh when you see what happens.

Three Things



1. No, we’re not duck calling in these camo jeggings, thank you! These are our new go-to party pants for a quick dress up or dress down occasion. We’re loving classic camo this season and all that you can pair it with (black chunky knit sweaters, white flowy tops, you name it). These Hue Jeggings are all all we’re talking about right now, because well…we’re all wearing them around here (call us Mary-Kate & Ashley).

2. Spontaneous road trips. When’s the last time you took one?! This last weekend we ditched the agenda and opted for a classic road trip down to Half Moon Bay, California, and are we ever glad we did. Spending time with girlfriends trekking down the road was a perfect way for us to find a little inspiration, get out of the city, and of course, have a laugh. Check out the top 10 best road trip destinations here.

3. Our teeth are thanking GOSMiLE. GOSMiLE teeth touchups might be the best thing to happen to you on a Saturday night when you’re debating talking to that cute someone across the bar. These tiny touchups serve as minty teeth polishers and can freshen up your mouth a lot easier than that old piece of gum at the bottom of your clutch. Trust us, your teeth were’t meant to wear smelly coats, pick up some here.

Three Things



1. We like our bubbles in all forms, clearly. These champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina are a low-cal treat we all should keep on hand when we’re craving something sweet. We can’t get enough of these little cuties…you may or may not find them in our Birthday Beb!

2. Kimonos! They’re major. We’re sporting these with just about everything this season, with jeans, over dresses, tall boots, short booties, they look hot with it all. We’ve found some good ones like this one at Urban Outfitters.

3. Jane on Fillmore in San Francisco. Do you ever have a place that just feels like home? That one spot you can go and feel like you’re getting away? Alas, we found Jane on Fillmore. This little nook serves amazing sandwiches, organic salads, and in-house baked goods. Did we mention they have a cozy upstairs with wifi? Some of our best ideas may or may not have been born right upstairs over coffee…just saying.



What’s In A Name?


What’s in a name?

Sort of a profound little line that you might hear someone having a kid or a grandparent say, right? Either way, it’s a great question to ask. Recently there’s been some chatter around “What exactly IS Packed Party?” people have compared us to Birch Box, or other “boxed” goodies, but truthfully we’d like to say that we’re really quite different from it all.

I’m here to tell you that Packed Party is a package, not a box. What!? Aren’t they one in the same you might ask? Not quite! A Packed Party is a form of a care package, a gift if you will, sent to yourself or someone else to show you really care. These packages define “the little things” we all care about the most. I’ve grown up a firm believer in these “little things,” knowing that they make people feel loved. Making people feel special is defined in so many different ways by different people, but making people feel special as defined by me, is throwing them a party (in the form of a gift of course) – and who doesn’t like receiving a package, or any kind of mail for that matter? If you can’t throw a party for yourself or someone else to say hello, happy birthday, or you’re going to get through whatever it is, you might want to rethink things a bit. You’ll always hear girls say, “it’s the little things that mean the most to me”, so here it is, our team just did the legwork for you!

Why would I spend the time explaining what this is? The answer is simple- It’s all in the name! My name for instance can be quite confusing for many people. Whether it’s been my first day of kindergarten or interviewing for a job, most people see the name Jordan and assume I’m a guy, it’s always been sort of a game for me seeing the look on their faces when we meet and to their shock I’m most definitely a girl! I wanted to use this post, like meeting these people and surprising them, as a chance to show you who we really are. Unfortunately I don’t have the chance to meet every single one of you and show you what’s in our name, but this should give you some of the insight you need about us.

Have you heard how Packed Party was dreamt up? Maybe vaguely? I was having a bit of a “Pity Party” after moving to San Francisco for a new job, and woke up from a dream about actually being able to send themed party packages like a Pity Party to yourself or someone you care for. I’m a self-proclaimed homebody, and someone who loves all things events-related (two vastly different things), so combining my love for staying-in and throwing a party for your self with my weakness for a fabulous theme produced Packed Party. All of the parties we have launched with are based on real life occurrences (yes, we’ve all been through em’). Whether a birthday, or a break-up there’s a party for anything and as you know; it only takes one to have a packed party.

So you’ll hear us say that-“It only takes one to have a Packed Party” and you might wonder how that makes sense. Have you ever been at a jam-packed party and not known a soul in the room? Maybe you felt like it might have been a better idea to stay home? With our packages, like our logo states, we’re really all you need to have the party all to yourself. Obviously we’ve launched with 5 packages this first month, but we have plenty more parties up our sleeves, I promise.

My hope is when you see one of our packages on your doorstep you smile knowing someone thought enough of you to send a celebration, or you thought enough of yourself to start your own party. Each of our packages contents are being kept a surprise as to add to the fun of receiving (stop trying to peek, you). Trust me, I’ve mastered throwing my own party, and would love to help you throw yours.


The Original Party Girl