Confidence, The Silent Killer.


What’s a confident girl defined by today? Is she the girl singing karaoke in the bar when no one else will get on stage!? Maybe she’s the one strutting across campus or at work in whatever she pleases, because, “she can pull it off”, or hey, maybe she’s the one who seems unaffected by all that comes her way. There’s many ways people dub others as confident, but we keep our definition simple.


A confident girl as defined by us is the girl who has the smile from a mile away. She may not have everything “perfect”, but she’s got her chin up. Yes, that’s her, that’s the one. She’s the one grinning ear to ear even when things aren’t quite right because she knows she’s in complete control of the cards on the table. This girl starts her own party we like to say. She’s unafraid to do things for herself and is kind enough to do them for others.


She may be dealt a bad hand on a crummy day with a breakup, a bad test score, or even just because, well, we all have bad days, but the small things don’t get her down. This is the girl who says, “I’m starting the party for me.”


Not long ago we started naming collegiate women on universities across the U.S. these confident women. We call these girls our “Leaders of The Packed”. You might see these girls handing out our Packed Party goodies on their campuses, yes, or hey, maybe they’re sporting one of our cutie off the shoulder sweatshirts (duh), but most importantly, these are the girls on campus who bring their own party.


If you’re still behind, we don’t mean the streamers and cake, silly. We’re talking these women bringing their smiles and their confidence to be leaders on their campuses. These women were carefully selected because they love our brand and what it is we stand for here at Packed Party. These women truly encompass what it means to be “party girls” as defined by us. Check out some of our quotes from a few of our “Leaders of The Packed” below and see why they love what they do.


PRINCETON LEADER OF THE PACKED: “I’m what Packed Party defines as a “party girl” because I know starting the party is all about the attitude– with a great attitude and a little glitter, every occasion can be celebrated.”

UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA LEADER OF THE PACKED: “My favorite thing about Packed Party’s concept is promoting the party girl as a sophisticated woman who carries herself with the utmost respect when entering any room at any time.”

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA LEADER OF THE PACKED: “UGA is such great place to be a Leader of the Packed because Athens is known for it’s fun and always exciting environment, so it’s perfect for a fun company like Packed Party!”

BAYLOR LEADER OF THE PACKED: “Promoting kind and confident women on campus is so important and possible through a brand like Packed Party that encourages women to start their own party for themselves or friends.”


Leader Of The PACKED.


I can so perfectly remember beginning college. Sitting in the front seat of the hot car with my knees up, wrapping my brain around what it was I wanted, no – needed to do with my life. I’m a bit Type-A (captain obvious) and everything in my life had always been according to “plan”, but I still remember rolling up to school for the first time, having declared “Public Relations” and thinking, “What is public relations, really?” I wasn’t stressed about the lack of direction, I knew to steer clear of math, without my dad in shouting distance (small victories). Public Relations, seemed, well, simple enough right? I enjoyed writing and working with people, so at 18…this felt like the best path. Outside of my major when I first arrived at school I had my “ish” together if you will. I kept to myself for the most part, keeping a tight-knit group of friends, being involved in a few clubs on campus that of course directly pertained to my major, nothing crazy, I definitely could have been better. But I will say, I did have direction. I knew I wanted a killer internship (amen), and an even better job when I graduated, one that I was infinitely proud of.

College is a bit scary in that way. You have 4 years to decide what it is you’re going to do with your life. Which direction you’ll take, and which path you’ll carve for yourself. Would you be the girl on campus literally involved in every club that took functioning humans, or the girl who was essentially an extension of all of the frats, the one everyone could always count on to be at the bar til close, the one working herself over on Friday nights in the library, catering to a loser boyfriend…I could go on and on. Any of these girls ringing bells to you? Everyone takes different paths these 4 years (sometimes 5), but for the most part, we’re all experiencing the same things. New friends, big decisions about courses, new love, heart ache, you name it everyone is essentially dealing with it within a 10 mile radius, and you’re all connected in a funny way.

Why is it I’m looking back on college at the moment? Funny enough, college has come full circle for Packed Party recently and is officially in the vocabulary mix again with the launch of our Leader Of The Packed college brand ambassador program (yes, we say that with major excitement). When Packed Party began never in our wildest dreams would we have thought this company might grow and be able to take on individual women representing us on select campuses as leaders and story-tellers of our brand, but today we am so excited to announce this far off dream is something that is very real.

Today we can tell you that we have selected an individual on the Princeton University campus that we believe best represents us with her confidence. She truly encompasses what we define as a “party girl” as she’s unafraid to start her own party, and exudes kindness toward others. Women, like this one, are what we call Leader’s of The Packed on campuses. Yes, Packed…not Pack! These women have clear direction about what it is they seek in life and want to help spread the word about starting the party in life each day with our brand.

So who are you on campus? Are you the one dragging your friends away from the library? The one shutting the bar down? Are you connected beyond belief you social butterfly, you? Tell us who you are and your plans to be The Leader Of The Packed on your campus and hey, we may just pass you the mic and let you run with it.

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The V-Word.


The V-Word.

Yes VALENTINE, where were you going with that!? Sorry, we’re that friend everyone loves to hate around this time of year, you know the one, gently reminding you that the day of love is just around the corner. Slowly your weekly CVS run starts being filled with tacky white teddy bears, cheap candy, and life-sized cards…haven’t you missed this time of year?!

I can honestly say yes, I really really have. Not because I’m fond of large teddy bears or cheap candy though. Valentine’s Day symbolizes different things for different people, clearly, whether it’s solidifying your “steady” boyfriend as a 6th grader, a reminder you might missing the other piece to your puzzle in your late-twenties (cue depressing Buzzfeed post about 5 reasons to be glad you’re single), or the fact you and your husband always “over-look” the holiday because he thinks it’s corny. Whatever it is, everyone celebrates the day in different ways.

For me, Valentine’s Day has always had a soft spot in my heart – single or taken, a boy really hasn’t ever had an effect on the holiday for me. Ever since elementary school when we were asked to decorate tiny shoe boxes with Valentine’s themed items (aka doily everything), and whatever else Valentine’s themed we could get our tiny paws on, then haul them to school so our classmates could drop miniature candies and homemade cards in them with itty bitty chicken-scratch written inside (or for those of you whose moms made your classmate’s Valentines…I remember you).

Decorating the coveted Valentine’s box for school was always such a special time for my mom and I, it was always a “how can we top last year’s and be more creative, more pink…more everything.” I’m talking this box needed to be oozing in Valentine’s goods when it was all said and done if I was going to put my name to it. I can remember spending hours working on the box and having my dad cut the slit in the top (with some tool only Dad’s know the name of), so my classmates would be able to drop in their Valentine’s notes.

On the big day I’d race home from school and scatter out my goods on my living room floor, carefully sorting what candy I’d give to my little brother (tootsie rolls, gag), and what I’d stash for myself.  More importantly I can remember reading all of the notes and feeling so incredibly loved, I’m not kidding, as a twenty-something young woman I remember the way these tiny cards made me feel. They were the ultimate sign of thoughtful for me. You heard from everyone in your class this day, even the kid in the back of the class who smelled like waffles (pretty sure he’s a billionaire now). We were literally forced to hear from everyone, but it was such a great thing, and something I so fondly remember.

Okay so, you get it. Valentine’s has a special spot in my heart not because of my relationship status, but because it’s a chance to make someone (yes, a stranger or a friend) feel something. It’s not every day you can do that you know? So my suggestion for you is start prepping. You have one month to think of someone you want to show love to, whether it be your closest girlfriend, the coworker you have to pretend to like, your boyfriend…you name it. Be their thoughtful someone-you have one month! Go!