Confidence, The Silent Killer.


What’s a confident girl defined by today? Is she the girl singing karaoke in the bar when no one else will get on stage!? Maybe she’s the one strutting across campus or at work in whatever she pleases, because, “she can pull it off”, or hey, maybe she’s the one who seems unaffected by all that comes her way. There’s many ways people dub others as confident, but we keep our definition simple.


A confident girl as defined by us is the girl who has the smile from a mile away. She may not have everything “perfect”, but she’s got her chin up. Yes, that’s her, that’s the one. She’s the one grinning ear to ear even when things aren’t quite right because she knows she’s in complete control of the cards on the table. This girl starts her own party we like to say. She’s unafraid to do things for herself and is kind enough to do them for others.


She may be dealt a bad hand on a crummy day with a breakup, a bad test score, or even just because, well, we all have bad days, but the small things don’t get her down. This is the girl who says, “I’m starting the party for me.”


Not long ago we started naming collegiate women on universities across the U.S. these confident women. We call these girls our “Leaders of The Packed”. You might see these girls handing out our Packed Party goodies on their campuses, yes, or hey, maybe they’re sporting one of our cutie off the shoulder sweatshirts (duh), but most importantly, these are the girls on campus who bring their own party.


If you’re still behind, we don’t mean the streamers and cake, silly. We’re talking these women bringing their smiles and their confidence to be leaders on their campuses. These women were carefully selected because they love our brand and what it is we stand for here at Packed Party. These women truly encompass what it means to be “party girls” as defined by us. Check out some of our quotes from a few of our “Leaders of The Packed” below and see why they love what they do.


PRINCETON LEADER OF THE PACKED: “I’m what Packed Party defines as a “party girl” because I know starting the party is all about the attitude– with a great attitude and a little glitter, every occasion can be celebrated.”

UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA LEADER OF THE PACKED: “My favorite thing about Packed Party’s concept is promoting the party girl as a sophisticated woman who carries herself with the utmost respect when entering any room at any time.”

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA LEADER OF THE PACKED: “UGA is such great place to be a Leader of the Packed because Athens is known for it’s fun and always exciting environment, so it’s perfect for a fun company like Packed Party!”

BAYLOR LEADER OF THE PACKED: “Promoting kind and confident women on campus is so important and possible through a brand like Packed Party that encourages women to start their own party for themselves or friends.”


Three Things


1. Where do all the party girls go when it’s 5:00 p.m. in San Francisco?! Simple. We’re all at Lolo’s – our new coveted spot. This bright and cozy mexican food restaurant serves up the best margs and shrimp tacos in the city. Don’t believe us? Check them out yourself.

2. Obviously we’re all for the “little things”, duh. So, of course we scouted this Coordinates bracelet and died when we learned its sweet meaning. This bracelet, customizable when you order, allows you to add the place of someone special to you, or hey if you can’t seem to remember where you live when the clock strikes midnight we’ve found your solution.

3. Chocolate cravings happen – there’s no way around it! Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups make us feel less bad about surrendering to our cravings. We’re big fans.

Three Things


1. Like glitter? Enjoy a touch of gold!? Meet DAVIDs TEA’s Glitter & Gold Tea. We’re sipping it not just because of its fun name, but for its amazingly soothing notes like vanilla and orange. Don’t have a DAVIDs TEA near you?! It’s okay, you can order online here!

2. Stop everything you’re doing and go buy this blush. No seriously, we’re not kidding! This Hour Glass Ambient Lighting blush will change your world. We’re talking fresh faced glow, people! This blush is most definitely a staple in our make-up bag as it gives you that warm and natural look. Shop it here, duh.

3. If you’re at all in the know you might have heard that the MOTHERSHIPOFALLWOMEN (outside of Beyonce of course), Sarah Jessica Parker, just released her oh-so-fabulous shoe line called SJP. Priced a touch on the expensive side, but all to-die for, these shoes host names like the “Carrie” and “Brigitte”. These are party shoes.

The Things We Do For…Music.


This is awkward for all parties involved here. I’ve decided to share the small and personal detail with you all that I recently decided I wanted  needed to go to a sold out concert here in San Francisco. Well, what do you do when you want to go to a sold out show in this city? You hit the most accessible, creepiest, last resort site you possibly can, a small rather social site called Craigslist – maybe you’ve heard of it?! And you text (duh from your personal number because you’re desperate) the stranger listed on this sketchy times new roman font list claiming he he’s got “sum tix”. You have a full visual, don’t you?

This person of course texts you back at a weird hour in the middle of the night confirming of course in perfect English he has the tickets with a, “yo I have the tix 4 yew” only to be followed with a “yuh deposit money in my Venmo or PayPal” and before you even confirm that you’re still in fact interested in making any sort of purchase to fund his plant, python, and Pokemon addiction, you’re 60% through the deal.

Lets rewind a bit – I decided I needed these tickets only after I saw the movie Endless Love. Yes, the Brooke Sheilds re-make that’s out right now that looks effortlessly corny and romantic. The whole teen summer romance one, yep, saw it, and I loved it – see it then judge me.  Anyway, the band playing in the movie is one of my favorite bands and hearing them in the movie made me look up their concert schedule afterwards only to find this sold out show here in San Francisco. So of course prior to getting my really hot and steamy misspelled text from this random stranger off Craigslist, I was feeling extremely pretty warm and fuzzy. Then this shet happens.  The next part is the worst part.

When I explain to him I can’t pick up the tickets myself and that I’m in fact going on a first date so my “date” will be picking up the tickets, he offers instead to take me himself. Is this a joke or is my life the real joke here? I then of course proceed to text him back (out of the sake of the tickets obviously) saying sorry, but can my date pick up the tickets instead when he tells me I’m “laaaaame and wut happened 2 spontaneous gurls”.

Have you ever had a moment staring at your phone or someone else where you just sort of black out for a split second and think is this seriously my life? No? Live vicariously through me. I sat at my desk stared at my phone for probably 30 seconds and thought, did I just get asked out by my Craigslist contact? Good GOD, I did. Someone send me a Pity Party immediately, this is WINE (yes wine) worthy and quite laughable, clearly because I’m sharing. So hey, it’s Thursday – live it up, text the Craigslist dude you bought a couch from this summer and see if he spells better than my new friend does.

Pizza Is Eternal


“Pizza Is Eternal”

Well, it just is. Okay, that is a fat pretty aggressive statement. But hey, pizza is a pretty fabulous thing. I saw this quote recently and giggled a little thinking more about it. Immediately I thought about who could write such a thing? What were they going through when they wrote that? Further more, what pizza were they eating that I was missing out on, no…but seriously. Clearly this was no pizza from the freezer section – maybe they were somewhere like Chicago where pizza is rich, deliciously cheesy, and carb bountiful.

Of course I could keep going on about food (carbs). But more than anything I believe the person that said this meant that people will fail you, but something as simple as “pizza” is eternal. Think about it. Haven’t we all felt a let down by someone we put some form of effort into at some point?

Unfortunately part of growing up is being let down. You put some amount of trust and effort into someone and they come back and betray you. If it hasn’t yet happened to you, I commend you. Call me in a few years because it will. It will of course suck beyond reason sting tiny bit, but hey, you’ll be better for it. I think what this person meant when he said pizza was eternal was to put your faith in the small stuff sometimes.

Hey, maybe pizza isn’t your eternal thing (not judging if it is), but maybe something just as little and insignificant as it should be. Say maybe perhaps your favorite flowers, a pet, anything really that’s not well, a person. Give it a try. Put a little love and heart into something small and it can be your eternal.

Valentine’s Day is of course tomorrow, and while we understand some women feeling a bit over-emotional about the holiday, let’s all remember that you are in control of what’s important and eternal to you. Get on a dating site if you’re that set on finding someone, go work out if you’re convinced you’ll feel better if you lose those 5-lbs (pizza in moderation), whatever it is you choose it and it can be eternal for you. Trust us, it’ll make you feel a little bit better to put your faith into something that’s impossible to let you down.

Say/write this _________ is eternal.

A few of ours from the office:

Jelly beans are eternal

My Stuart Weitzman boots are eternal

My dog Huckleberry is eternal (you can guess who said this one!)

My push-up bra is eternal


Meet Your Soul Mate, You Know Her.


This weekend was a real eye-opener for me. I’m talking I maybe learned an entire years worth of things in 72 hours, people. Strange I know, but I’m someone who is a self-proclaimed non-crier. I can’t cry in most movies, I seldom ever cry over boys (in public or to friends, a huge no), and I most definitely don’t cry at weddings…or so I thought.


This past weekend I took to the massive traveling cesspool of germs I like to call American Airlines and flew across the country for one of my closest friend’s weddings. Of course I was beyond excited to see her, but I was equally giddy to connect with all my best girls from college again.


A small background for you, this couple getting married has only known each other for a fairly short amount of time in a world where people date for 8-10 years more often than not. They weren’t the “long-time couple” all through college that everyone just assumed would just get married. These two actually had vaguely known one another in High School, but decided to try their hand at dating our senior year of college. To say I know two people who are more in love would be a grave understatement. Of course, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing relationships, but there is something about these two people that just screams the whole can’t eat, can’t sleep, love…they’re truly inseparable. Now I’m not someone who really thinks too much about “soul mates” but again, if I had to pick out two, these would be them off the top of my head, yep.


The weekend was such a whirlwind between the champagne toast and belly laughs (no I was not drunk as a pre-cursor for this story) at the rehearsal dinner – I started feeling extremely nostalgic. There was so much talk about “being with the one you’re destined to be with” like there is at most weddings, but this seemed different to me. Of course there was the small thought of, “Is there someone for everyone?” and “Wait, do I have a soul mate?” and can I order one off Top Shop (kidding). But really, was there someone perfectly tailored for me? I thought on this while after the rehearsal dinner standing there and laughing with all of my closest friends in a tiny bar. Looking around at each of them, I thought to myself, these were the women who knew me inside and out, they had seen my very best, and my very worst down to the smallest of details. Even across the country, these were my best friends. Were these my soul mates? I say yes.


At 24, the youngest I’ll ever be again, I am right where I want and need to be. I don’t need a “soul mate” in the form of a significant other right now, I barely have time to brush the rat nest that lives on my head. My soul mates, where I am right now in life are all around me in the form of my closest friends. Yes of course, I did cry at the wedding out of happiness for my dear friend, but I cried too because I am so incredibly fortunate to have these friends surrounding me. Who are your soul mates/besties? Have you told them lately how much they mean to you and how glad you are to have them in your life? Get on that. You’re so lucky to have them. Might I suggest a Miss You Bitch (shameless plugs here).