Three Things


1. Like glitter? Enjoy a touch of gold!? Meet DAVIDs TEA’s Glitter & Gold Tea. We’re sipping it not just because of its fun name, but for its amazingly soothing notes like vanilla and orange. Don’t have a DAVIDs TEA near you?! It’s okay, you can order online here!

2. Stop everything you’re doing and go buy this blush. No seriously, we’re not kidding! This Hour Glass Ambient Lighting blush will change your world. We’re talking fresh faced glow, people! This blush is most definitely a staple in our make-up bag as it gives you that warm and natural look. Shop it here, duh.

3. If you’re at all in the know you might have heard that the MOTHERSHIPOFALLWOMEN (outside of Beyonce of course), Sarah Jessica Parker, just released her oh-so-fabulous shoe line called SJP. Priced a touch on the expensive side, but all to-die for, these shoes host names like the “Carrie” and “Brigitte”. These are party shoes.


Three Things

3 things template 3.3.14

1. We’re all about these stackable Catbird rings lately. The “X & O” rings are so different and make for a fun way to change up your ring game. Of course, all of Catbird’s stuff is ahh-dor-able, but these three were stand-outs for us.

2. What is Yerba Mate, you ask?! Let us give you some insider scoop! We’ve been sipping on these bad boys since we learned all their magical effects. Yerba Mate tea, sold at Whole Foods or other health food stores, is rich in antioxidants, improves the ability to focus, helps control weight, blah blah it’s insanely good for you and it actually taste great! Go grab one on your lunch break today, k?

3. Meet our morning, afternoon and night time saver, party girls. Rose Petals Rose Water is the best pick me up skin hydrator we’ve ever met. We don’t leave our houses without it – we’re serious! This bottle comes in a twist or spray cap (you choose) so it’s easy to tote anywhere with you when you need a quick refresher. Shop it here.

Breakups Are Like Cookies


Breakups Are Like Cookies.

Breaking up with anyone sucks. There is no fancy or fun way to say that, so there it is, unglamorous as it’ll ever be. Think about it, you have these amazing times with someone only to learn they’re no longer that person, they let you down, or hey, maybe you just grew apart from one another. Whatever the reason was, it happened and it needed to for you to become the person you’re meant to be. Yes, we truly stand behind that.

Breaking-up not braking-up is a funny way to think of a break up. You’re breaking things apart, not stopping them for a slight second to tap the brakes, you know? You are distancing yourself from that person and cutting them out of your life.

Here, let’s get a visual shall we? You have this fabulous and rather large cookie (duh we’re using food as an example) in both hands and you break it apart. Does it go right down the middle in a seamlessly even split? Absolutely no. It never breaks evenly. There’s always one larger side and one smaller. Some of us choose to keep the larger side for ourselves and others give the larger side to the person their sharing with. Quite telling if you think about it. Which do you usually do? Better yet, which do you do in a break up?

So now that you’re hungry and have a full visual of what we’re talking about in terms of carbs, think about yourself for a moment. Have you ever had that ground shaking can’t eat, can’t sleep, wowthatpersonbeyonddisappointedme break- up? We all have. Yes, even Beyoncé had boy problems at one time too, it’s true. If you have been through something like this would you have kept the larger side of the cookie for yourself? Boy, we sure hope so.

Chances are though that you haven’t done this if you’ve gone through a break up. Harsh? No, it’s just true because we’ve done it to. You gave that person who hurt you everything including your biggest most important asset – your heart. Then let that person disappoint you more when they didn’t want to put things back together. Yeah…you gave them that huge side of the cookie, the one that was less baked and had more chocolate chips. Why didn’t you keep the big half of the cookie (your heart) for yourself when this was going down? The answer is probably because you’re a kind and compassionate person.

You’re so kind in fact you might have concerned yourself with that other person more in the situation and forgotten about a little person called you. You need to be kind to you. You can come first in this situation, duh.

After reading countless emails about women receiving our You Don’t Need Him Anyway packages and dealing with various stages of ending relationships – we can say we do know a little bit about the subject. Hey, even we have gone through hell-ish break-ups E! would be impressed with. Our point is you need to start keeping the bigger half of the cookie when it comes to break-ups. You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy, so why make this hard. You Don’t Need Him Anyway, so throw yourself a party, eat a cookie, and move on without the loser.

Three Things


1. We’re seeing navy, it’s true. A few of us on our team may or may not all own these cuties from A.J. Morgan. They’re inexpensive, such a great shape, and are a great alternative to your standard black or brown shades. We love em’.

2. Throw back time! We’re rocking these high top navy Converse with all our fun casual dresses, sweaters and dressed down looks these days. Not only are these shoes incredibly comfortable (duh!), they’re so in right now! Don’t believe us? Check out the new movie “Endless Love”, the main character Jade wears them the entire movie!

3. Call us techies. We’re obsessing over this fun new app we recently discovered called “Beautified”. This app, available in select cities like San Francisco and NYC allows you to book any sort of beauty appointment (think massages to blow drys) at a top salon in your area hassle free for same day services. It doesn’t get much better than this!

The Things We Do For…Music.


This is awkward for all parties involved here. I’ve decided to share the small and personal detail with you all that I recently decided I wanted  needed to go to a sold out concert here in San Francisco. Well, what do you do when you want to go to a sold out show in this city? You hit the most accessible, creepiest, last resort site you possibly can, a small rather social site called Craigslist – maybe you’ve heard of it?! And you text (duh from your personal number because you’re desperate) the stranger listed on this sketchy times new roman font list claiming he he’s got “sum tix”. You have a full visual, don’t you?

This person of course texts you back at a weird hour in the middle of the night confirming of course in perfect English he has the tickets with a, “yo I have the tix 4 yew” only to be followed with a “yuh deposit money in my Venmo or PayPal” and before you even confirm that you’re still in fact interested in making any sort of purchase to fund his plant, python, and Pokemon addiction, you’re 60% through the deal.

Lets rewind a bit – I decided I needed these tickets only after I saw the movie Endless Love. Yes, the Brooke Sheilds re-make that’s out right now that looks effortlessly corny and romantic. The whole teen summer romance one, yep, saw it, and I loved it – see it then judge me.  Anyway, the band playing in the movie is one of my favorite bands and hearing them in the movie made me look up their concert schedule afterwards only to find this sold out show here in San Francisco. So of course prior to getting my really hot and steamy misspelled text from this random stranger off Craigslist, I was feeling extremely pretty warm and fuzzy. Then this shet happens.  The next part is the worst part.

When I explain to him I can’t pick up the tickets myself and that I’m in fact going on a first date so my “date” will be picking up the tickets, he offers instead to take me himself. Is this a joke or is my life the real joke here? I then of course proceed to text him back (out of the sake of the tickets obviously) saying sorry, but can my date pick up the tickets instead when he tells me I’m “laaaaame and wut happened 2 spontaneous gurls”.

Have you ever had a moment staring at your phone or someone else where you just sort of black out for a split second and think is this seriously my life? No? Live vicariously through me. I sat at my desk stared at my phone for probably 30 seconds and thought, did I just get asked out by my Craigslist contact? Good GOD, I did. Someone send me a Pity Party immediately, this is WINE (yes wine) worthy and quite laughable, clearly because I’m sharing. So hey, it’s Thursday – live it up, text the Craigslist dude you bought a couch from this summer and see if he spells better than my new friend does.

Three Things

3 things 2.17.14

1. We like our eggs pink! Beauty Blender eggs of course. This little egg-shaped sponge is our go-to for putting on foundation or any make-up really. Say good-bye to that nasty line on your jaw line because this puppy fixes all, you’ll never go back to your brush or worse…your greasy hands to apply make-up (ew). Find it here.

2. Feeling like a fatty when Sunday rolls around? We do..or every day really with these Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels that are grazing our desk. Holy YUM! These treats come in all flavors and fun colors, so obviously we’re smitten. Shop them here.

3. Exes are annoying. Sorry, they just are! Because of this we keep this cutie “Stick It To Your Ex” voo-doo kit handy. I mean…we’re not practicing voo-doo on this little guy, but it’s pretty good for a laugh when that someone is really pushing your buttons. Find it here in our You Don’t Need Him Anyway Packed Party.

Pizza Is Eternal


“Pizza Is Eternal”

Well, it just is. Okay, that is a fat pretty aggressive statement. But hey, pizza is a pretty fabulous thing. I saw this quote recently and giggled a little thinking more about it. Immediately I thought about who could write such a thing? What were they going through when they wrote that? Further more, what pizza were they eating that I was missing out on, no…but seriously. Clearly this was no pizza from the freezer section – maybe they were somewhere like Chicago where pizza is rich, deliciously cheesy, and carb bountiful.

Of course I could keep going on about food (carbs). But more than anything I believe the person that said this meant that people will fail you, but something as simple as “pizza” is eternal. Think about it. Haven’t we all felt a let down by someone we put some form of effort into at some point?

Unfortunately part of growing up is being let down. You put some amount of trust and effort into someone and they come back and betray you. If it hasn’t yet happened to you, I commend you. Call me in a few years because it will. It will of course suck beyond reason sting tiny bit, but hey, you’ll be better for it. I think what this person meant when he said pizza was eternal was to put your faith in the small stuff sometimes.

Hey, maybe pizza isn’t your eternal thing (not judging if it is), but maybe something just as little and insignificant as it should be. Say maybe perhaps your favorite flowers, a pet, anything really that’s not well, a person. Give it a try. Put a little love and heart into something small and it can be your eternal.

Valentine’s Day is of course tomorrow, and while we understand some women feeling a bit over-emotional about the holiday, let’s all remember that you are in control of what’s important and eternal to you. Get on a dating site if you’re that set on finding someone, go work out if you’re convinced you’ll feel better if you lose those 5-lbs (pizza in moderation), whatever it is you choose it and it can be eternal for you. Trust us, it’ll make you feel a little bit better to put your faith into something that’s impossible to let you down.

Say/write this _________ is eternal.

A few of ours from the office:

Jelly beans are eternal

My Stuart Weitzman boots are eternal

My dog Huckleberry is eternal (you can guess who said this one!)

My push-up bra is eternal


Three Things


1. Monogrammed pillows. Everyone likes a customized something (duh), mix that with our love for metallics and you have these fabulous throw pillows. These cuties are lining our couches at only $50.00 a piece! That’s cheap when it comes to throw pillows, and customized ones at that. Order here !

2. Fine, we’re into baking lately (carb parties). Maybe it’s because we’re baking our perfect men? These hilarious cookie cutters (yes, they’re featured in our Cue Cupid packages) are beyond cute and make baking a lot more fun! Find them here !

3. Every party girl needs a set of good wheels. We’re talking a beach cruiser, baby! If you’re feeling extra sassy throw a basket on the front of yours and spruce it up a bit – just a suggestion. We’re crushing on all of the Bianchi beach cruisers currently. Click here for a Bianchi retailer near you to buy, obvi.

The First Look


Have you ever visited a place you went when you were little or long ago only to find it didn’t look quite the same? Maybe not quite as big? Not as shiny, perhaps? And if you’ve ever felt this way don’t you wish you could again capture that euphoric feeling you felt when you first saw it? The full on, goosebumps-smiling-wide-eyed way you saw it the very first time?

The older I get, the more often I feel this way. Whether it be an old house, or an old love, there’s always something special about seeing it that first time. You’ve been there. This wide-eyed feeling is how I feel looking at Packed Party today, in this very moment.

As we approach our 90 day mark of an idea I had in my bed – I still have that same feeling of first look awe.

I hope it never goes away. I doubt it will. To describe it, it’s like the first time I saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Ever seen it? Yah. It’s a touch big, overwhelming, a bit terrifying, but so incredibly powerful…something you gravitate towards. Just having lived here over 6 months now I watch myself gravitate to it on most walks, talks with friends, anything really, it’s somehow always in the picture and I don’t know if it will ever quite get “old” or washed up to me – it will never be a “background” because it always steals the show. I can’t picture just thinking “oh you” staring at it.

Packed Party is truly the same. I gravitate toward it each day not because I have to (yes it’s my job), but because it is that euphoric, scary, and truly fun feeling I get every time I work on it. Packed Party has grown into something a bit different for each person that its come into contact with. For me, Packed Party was an outlet when I was having a Pity Party. My own of course, over something silly and so small in the grand scheme of things. We’ve received notes in the last few months regarding everything from starting chemotherapy, having a tragic breakup, or a magical birthday…all including Packed Party in their moments. Of course, we’re fortunate enough to have received awesome feedback. But as we’re growing (and quickly) I never want to lose the idea of answering to all of these notes in a personal manner. I’ve had the privilege of emailing all of these people directly and hearing their stories and how Packed Party gave them that “awe” feeling when they saw it on their doorstep. This has been an incredible feeling, not only for me, but the whole Packed Party team.

We never want to lose our “wide-eyed” look when dealing with our customers or packages. I can’t imagine it truthfully. We deal with each of our customers with compassion and “soft hearts” because well, we’ve been there whatever it is. Not all of our emails are sad, of course, a lot of them are quite exciting! “Can I order 50 for my Single Ladies Valentine’s Party?”  or our standard “my friend is extremely picky, she needs something perfect for her birthday, something out there and I think this may be it. Help!”. Each of these people coming to us gets a first look. I can promise you we won’t lose our luster as we grow! Stick around, we have so much fun planned and we’re going to keep treating you, our friends, like it’s the first time we’ve met.

Three Things


1. Burgundy nails. We like our wine dark red, yes, but more recently our nails too! We’re seeing this color pop up every where since its recent debut on the red carpet. It’s the perfect “fun meets sophisticated” winter transitional color, and your nails don’t arrive before you do if you get what we mean?

2. Finding that oh-so-perfect chocolate to compliment you is a series of dating in itself. Are you the serial chocolate eater who goes through the entire box only to still find yourself unsatisfied? Stop right there. We’ve found your prince charming. He’s a little, um, rough around the edges with his name, but we assure you, it’s whats under the wrapping that counts. Meet Dude Sweet Chocolate, our match made in heaven. Pssst! He may or may not be featured in our Cue Cupid package currently.

3. We realize not everyone lives here in San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit (or drool at your desk about what we’re eating)! We’re obsessing over Foreign Cinema and highly recommend you making 1, or 3 stops when in San Fran, or scooting on over if you live here currently. This place not only has to-die-for food, but the ambiance..ah, behold perfection. They play movies on the side of the building outside under a canopy of lights whilst you enjoy your 5 star meal…sold? Check it out here.