Packed Party is a Web based company founded in San Francisco, CA that allows you to send and receive themed party packages for one! Call them care packages, gifts, even a party in a box if you absolutely must (we hate the “b word”). These perfectly packed navy packages are the ultimate thoughtful something to send to yourself or a friend for a birthday, break-up, a pick-me-up, you name it. You don’t have to have a reason to throw a party for yourself or a friend-it only takes one, silly. All of our packages have 3-4 thoughtful and hand-picked somethings centered around the theme of the party. Think voo-doo doll for a nasty break-up…you feel us?

Our hopes are that our packages find you with a smile when you see them land on our doorsteps. We promise you, navy is hardly a shade of blue when it comes to Packed Party! Visit www.packedparty.com to purchase and send all questions/comments to contact@packedparty.com

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