Three Things



  1. If you’re in NYC stop everything youre doing and run to Prohibition Bakery!  Yes we’ve talked about boozy candy before on our Three Things, but never boozy cupcakes. This adorable bakery whips up everything from a “Pretzels and Beer” to a classic “Old Fashioned” cupcake. Does it get much better? We didn’t think so either.
  2. Every true party girl needs a solid sleep mask, it’s true.  That’s why we’re recommending the best to you! Meet the oh-so- ultra-chic silk sleep mask we’re catching z’s in from Shop Terrain. It’s subtle to sleep in while still blocking out those early a.m. rays.
  3. Printed. Nails. Hello! They’re everything. We’re not talking nasty nail stickers here. When we say printed nails, we are talking about high-end creative designs actually being painted on your nails. We’re currently coveting these Anna Rifle Bond nails we found on their Instagram page. Re-create this look or come up with your own fun theme the next time you hit the nail salon.

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