Free Pity Party, Say Wha?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So, you may have heard we’re throwing a massive Pity Party – it’s true. With finals around the corner for our college girls, swimsuit season upon us (a depressing truth for everyone), we’re realizing that sometimes this little pre-summer situation can have us down in the dumps. Because we’ve all been there (or are there), we’ve created our very first official contest.

 The contest, not just for college girls, but for any and all of our party girls, invites you to post a photo of yourself throwing a Pity Party on Instagram or Facebook to win a FREE Pity Party package from us! What’s in a Pity Party package? Psh, like all of our packages, we’re not telling you for the surprise of it all, but what we can tell you is this package has everything you need to throw yourself a proper Pity Party! Expect things like “self help” tea, themed books, and other hand-picked hilarious items centered around the theme of the party.

 Want it? Need it? Gotta Have it? We thought so. We want to make your week here, so let us! The rules? They’re simple:

 Follow @packedparty on Instagram and Like our page on Facebook, post the photo on either platform and tag @packedparty in your post! Oh, and don’t forget to use the #packedpartypityparty to make sure we see it! The contest ends next Wednesday and when we announce the best Pity Party pic, so show us your Pity Party for a FREE one, what are you waiting for?


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