Where the heck is Packed Party!?


We figured it was about time we gave you an update about what it is we’re doing at Packed Party HQ, who the heck these “leaders of the packed” really are, and all that’s coming up for us. You’re curious, right?!

Where can I begin? There are so many exciting things coming up for us as we grow, and rapidly! You party girls sure know how to spread the word about a good thing, that’s been made very clear, so thank you, I am forever grateful. Currently we’re adding more packages to our arsenal, casting our net further to find even more un-discovered brands that create clever things, and finding new ways to bring you your party and faster.

We’re still getting the question of WHY aren’t we telling you what’s inside packages from a lot of you who are new to our concept and venturing to our site. We don’t tell exact contents inside packages as to add to the fun of sending and receiving Packed Party packages. There aren’t many things in life today left as a surprise, so we’re asking that you leave this to us. We’ve done all the hard work for you! Imagine driving all over town to find gifts centering around a break up or birthday – whatever the occasion, paying retail prices for all the items, attempting to find a colored and themed package similar to ours, buying a card, paying for shipping, the whole bit – what a nightmare. Skip it all because we’ve done it for you, the perfect thoughtful package for just $45.00!

When I came up with the concept for Packed Party, just like you I was wanting to send myself or someone else a fabulous gift. Go back and re-read the last two words in that sentence please. Yes, a fabulous gift. These packages have full-sized great things in them that we have hand-selected after countless hours of research, trying, testing, you name it, before we claim them as our own for these parties. This is the good stuff, promise.

So what’s new with us? Welp, a few things. We’re adding a bridal line of Packed Party packages to the list. Should we shout that brides!? WE HAVE BRIDAL PACKAGES COMING! The first of them? Our “THE Bridesmaid” package. This package has been created to ask your inner circle to be your bridesmaid, or just to give to your bridesmaids as a “thank you” on the big day. We’ll be leaking more info on this packages contents and card (we get wording is important for your big day) in the next week. Also, we’ve just added the cutest off-the-shoulder sweatshirts to our site for purchase. These light-weight cozy sweatshirts are the perfect throw on this spring and summer when the sun goes down. Think Wild Fox meets Packed Party for half the price, hello.

Speaking of new, let’s talk about our Leaders of The Packed. Who are these chicks? These are carefully selected women across the US on college campuses to promote kind and confident women. What do we mean promote kind and confident women? These women are leaders. They encourage others on campus to start their own party in life with our packages or just by doing whatever it is they love. These women are trend-setters, always confident, and ever kind.

That’s about all that’s new with us! Did I cover all the bases? We’re making big strides this spring with our brand new site, new packages, and all that we want to do for you. I ask that you be patient with us as we still are just 6 months in and learning as we go too. We want to make this perfect for you, and promise to always try our very best to do so. Packed Party is here to stay, so get on the party bus or get left behind (okay fine, I won’t leave you!).


Jordan, Packed Party Founder


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