Built For Rainy Days

cozy-rainy-day-moodphoto via: DecorDots

It’s been pouring in San Fran all week. Not just the slight drizzle, on and off rain, though. I’m talking cats and dogs, wish-I-owned-jelly-shoes-again-raining. Okay fine, I don’t wish I owned jelly shoes again (eh maybe I do), but it’s been a touch wet here on the West Coast for a place that usually so sunny.

With the commencing of dark clouds and thunder, my motivation to work in my pajamas, er “comfies” as I call them, has completely happened, Every.Day.This.Week. I may or may not have mastered the ability to sit Indian-style in men’s basketball shorts on my floor while I work.


What? You don’t know if you could do it? That’s because you’ve never tried, trust me. It’s an art you see – working from your floor, with your hair in a massive knot, only staring out the dark window to realize it is just way to dark outside for you to venture to 24-Hour Fitness for any sort of human interaction, yeah no, pass.

Though not in any sort of formal uniform for “thinking” and dreaming of big ideas, I’ve had quite a few this week. Something about the rain and being coop-ed up inside will do that to you – really get you thinking. I genuinely believe we think best when we’re at our most comfortable place. I’ve worked at places that have had “thinking rooms” or “creative zone” type spaces to get all your inhibited ideas flowing, but truthfully, I’m at my best on a rainy day on my floor in a cozy sweatshirt and basketball shorts. How un-glamorous does that sound?

Where do you go on your rainy days? Where is it you’re most comfortable to come up with your ideas and bring out creativity? Think about it. You have to have a place. It could be the car, folding laundry in a tiny space, wearing a power outfit and owning a board-room while your ideas come to life. It’s up to you, really.

Wherever it is, I hope that you have a place and know it because I know I was built for rainy days.

Oh, and if you need help in finding your own comfies…I’ve got this to share with you.



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