Three Things


1. Like glitter? Enjoy a touch of gold!? Meet DAVIDs TEA’s Glitter & Gold Tea. We’re sipping it not just because of its fun name, but for its amazingly soothing notes like vanilla and orange. Don’t have a DAVIDs TEA near you?! It’s okay, you can order online here!

2. Stop everything you’re doing and go buy this blush. No seriously, we’re not kidding! This Hour Glass Ambient Lighting blush will change your world. We’re talking fresh faced glow, people! This blush is most definitely a staple in our make-up bag as it gives you that warm and natural look. Shop it here, duh.

3. If you’re at all in the know you might have heard that the MOTHERSHIPOFALLWOMEN (outside of Beyonce of course), Sarah Jessica Parker, just released her oh-so-fabulous shoe line called SJP. Priced a touch on the expensive side, but all to-die for, these shoes host names like the “Carrie” and “Brigitte”. These are party shoes.


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