Three Things

3 things template 3.3.14

1. We’re all about these stackable Catbird rings lately. The “X & O” rings are so different and make for a fun way to change up your ring game. Of course, all of Catbird’s stuff is ahh-dor-able, but these three were stand-outs for us.

2. What is Yerba Mate, you ask?! Let us give you some insider scoop! We’ve been sipping on these bad boys since we learned all their magical effects. Yerba Mate tea, sold at Whole Foods or other health food stores, is rich in antioxidants, improves the ability to focus, helps control weight, blah blah it’s insanely good for you and it actually taste great! Go grab one on your lunch break today, k?

3. Meet our morning, afternoon and night time saver, party girls. Rose Petals Rose Water is the best pick me up skin hydrator we’ve ever met. We don’t leave our houses without it – we’re serious! This bottle comes in a twist or spray cap (you choose) so it’s easy to tote anywhere with you when you need a quick refresher. Shop it here.


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