Breakups Are Like Cookies


Breakups Are Like Cookies.

Breaking up with anyone sucks. There is no fancy or fun way to say that, so there it is, unglamorous as it’ll ever be. Think about it, you have these amazing times with someone only to learn they’re no longer that person, they let you down, or hey, maybe you just grew apart from one another. Whatever the reason was, it happened and it needed to for you to become the person you’re meant to be. Yes, we truly stand behind that.

Breaking-up not braking-up is a funny way to think of a break up. You’re breaking things apart, not stopping them for a slight second to tap the brakes, you know? You are distancing yourself from that person and cutting them out of your life.

Here, let’s get a visual shall we? You have this fabulous and rather large cookie (duh we’re using food as an example) in both hands and you break it apart. Does it go right down the middle in a seamlessly even split? Absolutely no. It never breaks evenly. There’s always one larger side and one smaller. Some of us choose to keep the larger side for ourselves and others give the larger side to the person their sharing with. Quite telling if you think about it. Which do you usually do? Better yet, which do you do in a break up?

So now that you’re hungry and have a full visual of what we’re talking about in terms of carbs, think about yourself for a moment. Have you ever had that ground shaking can’t eat, can’t sleep, wowthatpersonbeyonddisappointedme break- up? We all have. Yes, even Beyoncé had boy problems at one time too, it’s true. If you have been through something like this would you have kept the larger side of the cookie for yourself? Boy, we sure hope so.

Chances are though that you haven’t done this if you’ve gone through a break up. Harsh? No, it’s just true because we’ve done it to. You gave that person who hurt you everything including your biggest most important asset – your heart. Then let that person disappoint you more when they didn’t want to put things back together. Yeah…you gave them that huge side of the cookie, the one that was less baked and had more chocolate chips. Why didn’t you keep the big half of the cookie (your heart) for yourself when this was going down? The answer is probably because you’re a kind and compassionate person.

You’re so kind in fact you might have concerned yourself with that other person more in the situation and forgotten about a little person called you. You need to be kind to you. You can come first in this situation, duh.

After reading countless emails about women receiving our You Don’t Need Him Anyway packages and dealing with various stages of ending relationships – we can say we do know a little bit about the subject. Hey, even we have gone through hell-ish break-ups E! would be impressed with. Our point is you need to start keeping the bigger half of the cookie when it comes to break-ups. You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy, so why make this hard. You Don’t Need Him Anyway, so throw yourself a party, eat a cookie, and move on without the loser.


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