Three Things


1. We’re seeing navy, it’s true. A few of us on our team may or may not all own these cuties from A.J. Morgan. They’re inexpensive, such a great shape, and are a great alternative to your standard black or brown shades. We love em’.

2. Throw back time! We’re rocking these high top navy Converse with all our fun casual dresses, sweaters and dressed down looks these days. Not only are these shoes incredibly comfortable (duh!), they’re so in right now! Don’t believe us? Check out the new movie “Endless Love”, the main character Jade wears them the entire movie!

3. Call us techies. We’re obsessing over this fun new app we recently discovered called “Beautified”. This app, available in select cities like San Francisco and NYC allows you to book any sort of beauty appointment (think massages to blow drys) at a top salon in your area hassle free for same day services. It doesn’t get much better than this!


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