The Things We Do For…Music.


This is awkward for all parties involved here. I’ve decided to share the small and personal detail with you all that I recently decided I wanted  needed to go to a sold out concert here in San Francisco. Well, what do you do when you want to go to a sold out show in this city? You hit the most accessible, creepiest, last resort site you possibly can, a small rather social site called Craigslist – maybe you’ve heard of it?! And you text (duh from your personal number because you’re desperate) the stranger listed on this sketchy times new roman font list claiming he he’s got “sum tix”. You have a full visual, don’t you?

This person of course texts you back at a weird hour in the middle of the night confirming of course in perfect English he has the tickets with a, “yo I have the tix 4 yew” only to be followed with a “yuh deposit money in my Venmo or PayPal” and before you even confirm that you’re still in fact interested in making any sort of purchase to fund his plant, python, and Pokemon addiction, you’re 60% through the deal.

Lets rewind a bit – I decided I needed these tickets only after I saw the movie Endless Love. Yes, the Brooke Sheilds re-make that’s out right now that looks effortlessly corny and romantic. The whole teen summer romance one, yep, saw it, and I loved it – see it then judge me.  Anyway, the band playing in the movie is one of my favorite bands and hearing them in the movie made me look up their concert schedule afterwards only to find this sold out show here in San Francisco. So of course prior to getting my really hot and steamy misspelled text from this random stranger off Craigslist, I was feeling extremely pretty warm and fuzzy. Then this shet happens.  The next part is the worst part.

When I explain to him I can’t pick up the tickets myself and that I’m in fact going on a first date so my “date” will be picking up the tickets, he offers instead to take me himself. Is this a joke or is my life the real joke here? I then of course proceed to text him back (out of the sake of the tickets obviously) saying sorry, but can my date pick up the tickets instead when he tells me I’m “laaaaame and wut happened 2 spontaneous gurls”.

Have you ever had a moment staring at your phone or someone else where you just sort of black out for a split second and think is this seriously my life? No? Live vicariously through me. I sat at my desk stared at my phone for probably 30 seconds and thought, did I just get asked out by my Craigslist contact? Good GOD, I did. Someone send me a Pity Party immediately, this is WINE (yes wine) worthy and quite laughable, clearly because I’m sharing. So hey, it’s Thursday – live it up, text the Craigslist dude you bought a couch from this summer and see if he spells better than my new friend does.


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