Three Things

3 things 2.17.14

1. We like our eggs pink! Beauty Blender eggs of course. This little egg-shaped sponge is our go-to for putting on foundation or any make-up really. Say good-bye to that nasty line on your jaw line because this puppy fixes all, you’ll never go back to your brush or worse…your greasy hands to apply make-up (ew). Find it here.

2. Feeling like a fatty when Sunday rolls around? We do..or every day really with these Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels that are grazing our desk. Holy YUM! These treats come in all flavors and fun colors, so obviously we’re smitten. Shop them here.

3. Exes are annoying. Sorry, they just are! Because of this we keep this cutie “Stick It To Your Ex” voo-doo kit handy. I mean…we’re not practicing voo-doo on this little guy, but it’s pretty good for a laugh when that someone is really pushing your buttons. Find it here in our You Don’t Need Him Anyway Packed Party.


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