Pizza Is Eternal


“Pizza Is Eternal”

Well, it just is. Okay, that is a fat pretty aggressive statement. But hey, pizza is a pretty fabulous thing. I saw this quote recently and giggled a little thinking more about it. Immediately I thought about who could write such a thing? What were they going through when they wrote that? Further more, what pizza were they eating that I was missing out on, no…but seriously. Clearly this was no pizza from the freezer section – maybe they were somewhere like Chicago where pizza is rich, deliciously cheesy, and carb bountiful.

Of course I could keep going on about food (carbs). But more than anything I believe the person that said this meant that people will fail you, but something as simple as “pizza” is eternal. Think about it. Haven’t we all felt a let down by someone we put some form of effort into at some point?

Unfortunately part of growing up is being let down. You put some amount of trust and effort into someone and they come back and betray you. If it hasn’t yet happened to you, I commend you. Call me in a few years because it will. It will of course suck beyond reason sting tiny bit, but hey, you’ll be better for it. I think what this person meant when he said pizza was eternal was to put your faith in the small stuff sometimes.

Hey, maybe pizza isn’t your eternal thing (not judging if it is), but maybe something just as little and insignificant as it should be. Say maybe perhaps your favorite flowers, a pet, anything really that’s not well, a person. Give it a try. Put a little love and heart into something small and it can be your eternal.

Valentine’s Day is of course tomorrow, and while we understand some women feeling a bit over-emotional about the holiday, let’s all remember that you are in control of what’s important and eternal to you. Get on a dating site if you’re that set on finding someone, go work out if you’re convinced you’ll feel better if you lose those 5-lbs (pizza in moderation), whatever it is you choose it and it can be eternal for you. Trust us, it’ll make you feel a little bit better to put your faith into something that’s impossible to let you down.

Say/write this _________ is eternal.

A few of ours from the office:

Jelly beans are eternal

My Stuart Weitzman boots are eternal

My dog Huckleberry is eternal (you can guess who said this one!)

My push-up bra is eternal



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