Three Things


1. Monogrammed pillows. Everyone likes a customized something (duh), mix that with our love for metallics and you have these fabulous throw pillows. These cuties are lining our couches at only $50.00 a piece! That’s cheap when it comes to throw pillows, and customized ones at that. Order here !

2. Fine, we’re into baking lately (carb parties). Maybe it’s because we’re baking our perfect men? These hilarious cookie cutters (yes, they’re featured in our Cue Cupid packages) are beyond cute and make baking a lot more fun! Find them here !

3. Every party girl needs a set of good wheels. We’re talking a beach cruiser, baby! If you’re feeling extra sassy throw a basket on the front of yours and spruce it up a bit – just a suggestion. We’re crushing on all of the Bianchi beach cruisers currently. Click here for a Bianchi retailer near you to buy, obvi.


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