The First Look


Have you ever visited a place you went when you were little or long ago only to find it didn’t look quite the same? Maybe not quite as big? Not as shiny, perhaps? And if you’ve ever felt this way don’t you wish you could again capture that euphoric feeling you felt when you first saw it? The full on, goosebumps-smiling-wide-eyed way you saw it the very first time?

The older I get, the more often I feel this way. Whether it be an old house, or an old love, there’s always something special about seeing it that first time. You’ve been there. This wide-eyed feeling is how I feel looking at Packed Party today, in this very moment.

As we approach our 90 day mark of an idea I had in my bed – I still have that same feeling of first look awe.

I hope it never goes away. I doubt it will. To describe it, it’s like the first time I saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Ever seen it? Yah. It’s a touch big, overwhelming, a bit terrifying, but so incredibly powerful…something you gravitate towards. Just having lived here over 6 months now I watch myself gravitate to it on most walks, talks with friends, anything really, it’s somehow always in the picture and I don’t know if it will ever quite get “old” or washed up to me – it will never be a “background” because it always steals the show. I can’t picture just thinking “oh you” staring at it.

Packed Party is truly the same. I gravitate toward it each day not because I have to (yes it’s my job), but because it is that euphoric, scary, and truly fun feeling I get every time I work on it. Packed Party has grown into something a bit different for each person that its come into contact with. For me, Packed Party was an outlet when I was having a Pity Party. My own of course, over something silly and so small in the grand scheme of things. We’ve received notes in the last few months regarding everything from starting chemotherapy, having a tragic breakup, or a magical birthday…all including Packed Party in their moments. Of course, we’re fortunate enough to have received awesome feedback. But as we’re growing (and quickly) I never want to lose the idea of answering to all of these notes in a personal manner. I’ve had the privilege of emailing all of these people directly and hearing their stories and how Packed Party gave them that “awe” feeling when they saw it on their doorstep. This has been an incredible feeling, not only for me, but the whole Packed Party team.

We never want to lose our “wide-eyed” look when dealing with our customers or packages. I can’t imagine it truthfully. We deal with each of our customers with compassion and “soft hearts” because well, we’ve been there whatever it is. Not all of our emails are sad, of course, a lot of them are quite exciting! “Can I order 50 for my Single Ladies Valentine’s Party?”  or our standard “my friend is extremely picky, she needs something perfect for her birthday, something out there and I think this may be it. Help!”. Each of these people coming to us gets a first look. I can promise you we won’t lose our luster as we grow! Stick around, we have so much fun planned and we’re going to keep treating you, our friends, like it’s the first time we’ve met.


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