Three Things


1. Burgundy nails. We like our wine dark red, yes, but more recently our nails too! We’re seeing this color pop up every where since its recent debut on the red carpet. It’s the perfect “fun meets sophisticated” winter transitional color, and your nails don’t arrive before you do if you get what we mean?

2. Finding that oh-so-perfect chocolate to compliment you is a series of dating in itself. Are you the serial chocolate eater who goes through the entire box only to still find yourself unsatisfied? Stop right there. We’ve found your prince charming. He’s a little, um, rough around the edges with his name, but we assure you, it’s whats under the wrapping that counts. Meet Dude Sweet Chocolate, our match made in heaven. Pssst! He may or may not be featured in our Cue Cupid package currently.

3. We realize not everyone lives here in San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit (or drool at your desk about what we’re eating)! We’re obsessing over Foreign Cinema and highly recommend you making 1, or 3 stops when in San Fran, or scooting on over if you live here currently. This place not only has to-die-for food, but the ambiance..ah, behold perfection. They play movies on the side of the building outside under a canopy of lights whilst you enjoy your 5 star meal…sold? Check it out here.


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