Three Things

3 things template 1.281. If you’re anything like us, your phone is constantly dying when you go out. Maybe you’ve even gone as far as to tote your charger around to bars with you? This adorable Mighty Purse clutch has changed all this with its ability to charge your phone right from the inside of the bag! Crazy right? It’s worth every penny.

2. You’ve heard of a rat’s nest, right? The one that lives atop select heads in the mornings? A real pain to comb through we must say. Believe it or knot, the Wet Brush is the solution to this rat’s nest post shower! Broken hairs and tangles be gone, we’re never looking back.

3.  What we’re reading you ask? How To Be A Party Girl by Pat Montandon. This book is an old school go-to on all the basics of well, yes, a party girl. Montadon, named the “Queen of California” and San Francisco socialite walks us through everything from how to host a party to how to dress and be a true party woman. We may or may not have snagged a few few edition copies. Don’t read? Use it as a coffee table book, duh.



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