Meet Your Soul Mate, You Know Her.


This weekend was a real eye-opener for me. I’m talking I maybe learned an entire years worth of things in 72 hours, people. Strange I know, but I’m someone who is a self-proclaimed non-crier. I can’t cry in most movies, I seldom ever cry over boys (in public or to friends, a huge no), and I most definitely don’t cry at weddings…or so I thought.


This past weekend I took to the massive traveling cesspool of germs I like to call American Airlines and flew across the country for one of my closest friend’s weddings. Of course I was beyond excited to see her, but I was equally giddy to connect with all my best girls from college again.


A small background for you, this couple getting married has only known each other for a fairly short amount of time in a world where people date for 8-10 years more often than not. They weren’t the “long-time couple” all through college that everyone just assumed would just get married. These two actually had vaguely known one another in High School, but decided to try their hand at dating our senior year of college. To say I know two people who are more in love would be a grave understatement. Of course, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing relationships, but there is something about these two people that just screams the whole can’t eat, can’t sleep, love…they’re truly inseparable. Now I’m not someone who really thinks too much about “soul mates” but again, if I had to pick out two, these would be them off the top of my head, yep.


The weekend was such a whirlwind between the champagne toast and belly laughs (no I was not drunk as a pre-cursor for this story) at the rehearsal dinner – I started feeling extremely nostalgic. There was so much talk about “being with the one you’re destined to be with” like there is at most weddings, but this seemed different to me. Of course there was the small thought of, “Is there someone for everyone?” and “Wait, do I have a soul mate?” and can I order one off Top Shop (kidding). But really, was there someone perfectly tailored for me? I thought on this while after the rehearsal dinner standing there and laughing with all of my closest friends in a tiny bar. Looking around at each of them, I thought to myself, these were the women who knew me inside and out, they had seen my very best, and my very worst down to the smallest of details. Even across the country, these were my best friends. Were these my soul mates? I say yes.


At 24, the youngest I’ll ever be again, I am right where I want and need to be. I don’t need a “soul mate” in the form of a significant other right now, I barely have time to brush the rat nest that lives on my head. My soul mates, where I am right now in life are all around me in the form of my closest friends. Yes of course, I did cry at the wedding out of happiness for my dear friend, but I cried too because I am so incredibly fortunate to have these friends surrounding me. Who are your soul mates/besties? Have you told them lately how much they mean to you and how glad you are to have them in your life? Get on that. You’re so lucky to have them. Might I suggest a Miss You Bitch (shameless plugs here).

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