Three Things

3things-012120141. Custom Illustrations! We’re completely captured by them and the thoughtfulness they can convey to someone as a special gift or just as a keepsake to give to yourself. We’re obsessing over this one specifically from the talented and ever-sweet Stephanie Jimenez. She’s beyond talented (clearly), and captured our “it only takes one” mantra with the single Packed Party package in the middle.

2. Okay so we like marshmallows..scratch that, we love marshmallows! We also have a knack for taking photos (just check our Instagram). Meet Boomf, based out of the UK, they allow you to make your photos into we’re not kidding. How cool is THIS!? Order here for your next party, duh.

3. Child scented everything. Prepare yourself, your world and love life may change with just one swipe! No really, we’re dead serious. Meet the best-smelling pheromones in the game, just ask some of my friends- who, no lie, grabbed me by the arm and demanded to know what it was I was wearing and why it smelled so amazing. Buy some and conduct an experiment for yourself, you’ll laugh when you see what happens.

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