Three Things



1. No, we’re not duck calling in these camo jeggings, thank you! These are our new go-to party pants for a quick dress up or dress down occasion. We’re loving classic camo this season and all that you can pair it with (black chunky knit sweaters, white flowy tops, you name it). These Hue Jeggings are all all we’re talking about right now, because well…we’re all wearing them around here (call us Mary-Kate & Ashley).

2. Spontaneous road trips. When’s the last time you took one?! This last weekend we ditched the agenda and opted for a classic road trip down to Half Moon Bay, California, and are we ever glad we did. Spending time with girlfriends trekking down the road was a perfect way for us to find a little inspiration, get out of the city, and of course, have a laugh. Check out the top 10 best road trip destinations here.

3. Our teeth are thanking GOSMiLE. GOSMiLE teeth touchups might be the best thing to happen to you on a Saturday night when you’re debating talking to that cute someone across the bar. These tiny touchups serve as minty teeth polishers and can freshen up your mouth a lot easier than that old piece of gum at the bottom of your clutch. Trust us, your teeth were’t meant to wear smelly coats, pick up some here.


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