Me Time, It’s Real Thing.


“Me time” an awkward thing to say, but I’ll say it. We all at some point have decided we want it, and even more, we need it. In a culture where everything is so fast paced, there happens to be this little thing called FOMO (yes, fear of missing out if you haven’t heard). FOMO, like many of you can attest to, is a very real thing that keeps us going when sometimes all we really need is perhaps our couch, a mask, and a favorite flick. “But I don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet the man of my dreams, share sushi with my bestie, wear my new top, show off this soul-cycle bod”..blah blah blah the list of excuses goes on and on because well, we’ve made them!

Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to be everywhere, and do everything that when we’re physically there, we’re not present in the moment because we are so exhausted from “keeping up” (and that’s just poor party girl form, ladies).

Having endless modes of communication is a double-edged sword – do people really need to know via my Insta that I just ate the most decadent caloric cupcake ever and “I’m not even sorry about it #sorrynotsorry”? (Side note: most days, I’d say yes, absolutely, that is a beautiful Sprinkles cupcake, and it’s rude not to share). But realistically, no, no one needs to know, or actually cares about the cupcake (sorry). Some times it feels like we are communicating so much – that we really aren’t saying anything at all.  From Twitter, Snapchat, G-Chat, Facebook, Instagram, Vine… anything else you might think of, we get so caught up maintaining our digital persona, that we forget to take a minute and take care of ourselves. Look around you the next time at dinner, and see all the different tables of people blank staring into their phones in silence. Cue the food porn pics, and conversation about what the hashtag should be. Yep, we’ve done them too! But this is not okay. Photos, texting, you name it-we’re constantly connected.

Next time you’re out with friends or home in a safe environment consider turning your phone on airplane mode…or dare I say, completely off. Yes, it can be a bit terrifying, but I think we owe it to ourselves to shut off and focus on the “me time”. Being completely present in moments with friends or alone is really the most important thing, is it not? Some times a night in for some “me time” is the only party we really want to be at.  I mean, come on, have you ever been at a party and felt like something was wrong, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, then it clicks, I’D RATHER BE HOME. The full-blown I want to be in my bed, catching up on my Netflix queue sets in. Don’t kick that little voice to the curb, because occasionally, it’s exactly what you need…no, deserve.


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