Resolving: In A BIG Way


You survived the holidays, we see you, fresh highlights still intact, sporting all your new goodies, looking as fabulous as ever, yep we spotted you a mile away! 2014 is officially here and the new year is in full swing. Every year hundreds of thousands of people set out to create New Year’s “resolutions”, but are they really trying to well, resolve? I thought about this as I was jotting down my own fresolutions…yes, fresolution, it’s a fake resolution.

A resolution is defined as the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something.

Re-read please. A solution to a conflict? What conflict though!? That little one called your every-day routine. Every day we (yes, us party girls too) get so tied up in all of the seemingly big things like returning calls, running errands for ourselves, whatever it is, that we forget the little things. We know, we harp on the little things, but hey, they’re incredibly important and sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

While making my fresresolutions list this year I started with of course a few seemingly unrealistic things like “stop biting my nails” (not happening) and “attempt to be more patient” then I thought, these things are petty, they’re fake and unreal, and I know I won’t follow through with them. What was something that would benefit others around me? Things like, giving. Obviously we help people give here at Packed Party, but was I really giving myself to people every day? I pass the same man every.single.morning. on my way into the office, we make eye-contact somewhere in between my email checking at the light and singing to myself (it’s a full-time job being Bey #2). Not once have I ever spoken to this man, but this year, yes tomorrow morning (my first official day back in the office) I have decided that once a week I will make breakfast for him. I’m not talking anything crazy like eggs benedict- I’m only human! I’m talking something to give him the energy he might need to get through the morning, and the fullness I can feel knowing I helped to make someone’s day. Funny the way giving can do that right? They always say it’s more fun to give and I truly believe it. This truly was going to be my resolution.

Did you make a fresolution this year? It’s fine, clearly I’m not judging, but I’d ask that you, like myself think about your every day small things, and how you can make them special or resolve them in a BIG way. Being a Texas girl originally I’d say I’m pretty familiar with seeing things done in a “BIG” way, I suppose it’s my turn, right…yall?


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