Three Things

3 things NYE

1.  We know, we’re obsessed. Yes, these confetti push pops are in our Birthday Beb (which one is the real surprise) but THIS…this, is Thimblepress’s New Years push pop, and it’s so darling we can’t stand it. We may have bought them all, we don’t know, call sweet Kristen, their founder and find out for yourself.

2.  Oh hey Leo, drinks on you? Sure! We’re still watching The Great Gatsby, especially this time of year when we’re feeling all things glitter, bubbles, and loud music. Snuggle up and watch this to throw your own little New Years party, Fergies “a little party never killed nobody” is our personal favorite song in the movie.

3.  Harmless Harvest coconut water will be your new bestie come Jan. 1…we’re not implying anything, but give it a try if you want that second wind and a Gatorade isn’t going to cut it. This drink is a staple for all of our team members as it’s hydrating and all-natural.


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