Three Things


1.  Prepare yourself, we’ve completely fallen for this gadget! This little guy makes your skin smooth and serves as a little exfoliating tool. Use it on your legs, arms, even your face (we were weary too), but it’s amazing and our skin feels baby-soft! We’re never going back to that old wash cloth.

2.  Are you in San Francisco? We hope! We love new neighbors. This fabulous company delivers farm-fresh flowers for free by bike courier (dying) in 30 minutes starting at $45.00 and even cuter…flowers are wrapped in re-cycled burlap, and come with a clothes pinned note! We’re so in love with this concept, we hope they grow (literally) everywhere.

3.  We’re crafty, you never would have thought, right? We’re obsessed with Paper Sources array of bright paper whether it be to put on a wall (our founder did an entire wall in it) or even to modge-podge a lamp, these prints are original and a fun way to spice anything up. Swoon!


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