Be The Merry


Snow, smiles, ribbons, and faint Christmas music in every store make me happy. There I said it. Although a bit cliché, this truly is the most fabulous time of year. From the hustle and bustle to the gentle smiles from complete strangers in passing, this is what it’s all about.

It’s the season of giving and I think you know what giving means to us here at PP. We’re “givers”. No just kidding, we hate that saying, but we truly are bound together by the common belief that you can change someone’s day with something small like a gift. Great if it so happens to be navy…fabulous script across the tape, may or may not have a circle logo with splashes of coral, just an idea. What we really care about is that you’re giving. It doesn’t have to be big or small, it just has to be thoughtful.

Does your one friend always drunk munch on hot Cheetos? Buy her the Costco bag to feed a small village-she clearly won’t ignore it. Taking note of how people feel and showing them that you listen to what they say, and how they’re feeling goes further than you know. This time of year is especially hard for some as it brings old memories of those lost and friends or family far away so taking the extra step in being kind to those around you always pays off.

You always read those stories about people having their Starbucks paid for, they post it online, you get jealous and think “why can’t that ever happen to me,” but then you subdue your jealousy and think – wow, there are still good people out there. I genuinely believe there are, and so many of them at that. To take a moment and pass on your joy to someone else is the boldest and biggest thing you can do today, and this season for that matter. It can be a smile, a celebration, a compliment, anything you can do to “pay it forward” if you will. If you practice it, others will follow. Obviously you’re a confident and kind someone because you’re reading this blog, and you’re a Packed Party girl, but does that carry on when you step away from the computer? Liking your friends pictures doesn’t count as a compliment-come on. We’re talking reach out, meet a stranger, buy someone’s coffee, be the leader of the pack this season and do some good.

Of course we’ve made it easy for you with our packages, but there are plenty of free things to do to make you feel good and spread the love.  Get creative! We took our packages to the streets this past weekend and met a few kind souls in San Francisco to pay it forward to. No, we didn’t leave the standard products in our packages, we instead we packed up a blanket, some snacks, and new socks to distribute. We had a lot of fun together handing them out, and we made some new friends along the way.



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