Three Things


1.  “Happy Birthday” Nail Polish by Deborah Lippman. Look at this bad-boy! It IS a birthday party in a tiny glass bottle. This isn’t a new find, but it truly never gets old. Every time it’s worn I get compliments from fabulous strangers (not teeny-boppers) on it.

2.  Jacinta Pomegranite Holiday Candle. Can we live in one of these? Right under the fab little deer antler lid. We’re gifting and keeping quite a few of these clean-scented candles for ourselves this holiday season.

3.  Glamping. Yes you’ve heard of it. But did you know there is a hub for you to find the perfect destination to head to and (duh) what the amenities are. We’re using this to plan our spring adventures with our besties! Start planning now or just use it to kill time at work thinking about where you could be (either way).


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