My One & Only: My Best

It was a Sunday, about 2PM, obv I was 2 mimosas deep at brunch, because well, what’s the point of Sunday without brunch?  Of course I was in full brunch uniform; wearing my Lululemon leggings and neon laced Nikes, you’ve seen it, we all do it. This fools the masses into thinking I went to the gym this morning and had a “nice little productive day” but in reality, the gym was the last thing on my mind next to having another vodka soda from last night.

What can I say though, my best friend was in town-stop judging me!  I exercise…sometimes. My bestie is the girl who’s in 99% of my #TBTs, my “favorites” list on Snapchat, get the picture here. I think we watched Now and Then at least 100 times growing up, and sang at the top of our lungs “Knock Three Times on Ceiling if you want meeeee….twice on the pipe, if the answeerrr is nooo,” and the enthusiasm we conveyed in the lyrics told the world* (*my living room) we could be a broadway stars. This is my bestie, my everything, my main bitch if you will. This girl has seen it all with me from that one time in middle school I wore pocketless jeans (yes, publicly) to eating late-night pizza with me in college whilst talking about starting a cleanse.

I’m telling you, this is my soul sister by choice. If you have someone like this, I commend you, great job, you have a bestie and a lot of party girls can’t say that, no seriously.  You might also get how awful it is to miss your bestie. That whole “NO ONE GETS IT” may come to mind here when dealing with your awkward co-workers you have to play nice with on a daily basis. My bestie and I have been separated for a few years now post-college, but we’ve never lost our whole “just as we left it” factor. When you reunite all in the world feels right again…I’m talking Brad back with Jen stars aligned here, you know what I’m talking about. Although we’re separated we still find funny ways to stay in touch, more original than the full line of emojis in text and your standard “Miss You” card.

How do you stay in touch with your besties?!


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