Look at you! You’ve made the trek to our official blog. Welcome, beb! You might also be officially be addicted to Packed Party… in which case is totally fine by me (stalk it up, whatever you need to do), we don’t need to address the situation.

Maybe we have met somewhere along the way, maybe not, but either way I want to show you all that’s going on with myself and the Packed Party team. WHY? Because clearly, it’s interesting. No, okay, fine, interesting is a stretch, but entertaining is a word I’d definitely use, and not lightly. This is a behind-the-scenes look at what’s inspiring these “parties”, the ridiculous things that are happening along the way (you can’t even begin to imagine), and how we’re all just girls trying to get by around here, and have a serious laugh or twelve. My hopes are that you come here for a smile, some damn good inspiration (I’m not talking crafts here), or just to see what we’re up to.

A lot of my friends say my life is a bit like a sitcom, and most days, it truly is. I can’t make the stuff that happens to me up! As it turns out, the rest of our team’s lives are a bit of the same. So here’s the place I’ve created to share our journey with you, I hope you unwrap this party us.


The Original Party Girl


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