Three Things



  1. If you’re in NYC stop everything youre doing and run to Prohibition Bakery!  Yes we’ve talked about boozy candy before on our Three Things, but never boozy cupcakes. This adorable bakery whips up everything from a “Pretzels and Beer” to a classic “Old Fashioned” cupcake. Does it get much better? We didn’t think so either.
  2. Every true party girl needs a solid sleep mask, it’s true.  That’s why we’re recommending the best to you! Meet the oh-so- ultra-chic silk sleep mask we’re catching z’s in from Shop Terrain. It’s subtle to sleep in while still blocking out those early a.m. rays.
  3. Printed. Nails. Hello! They’re everything. We’re not talking nasty nail stickers here. When we say printed nails, we are talking about high-end creative designs actually being painted on your nails. We’re currently coveting these Anna Rifle Bond nails we found on their Instagram page. Re-create this look or come up with your own fun theme the next time you hit the nail salon.

Free Pity Party, Say Wha?

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So, you may have heard we’re throwing a massive Pity Party – it’s true. With finals around the corner for our college girls, swimsuit season upon us (a depressing truth for everyone), we’re realizing that sometimes this little pre-summer situation can have us down in the dumps. Because we’ve all been there (or are there), we’ve created our very first official contest.

 The contest, not just for college girls, but for any and all of our party girls, invites you to post a photo of yourself throwing a Pity Party on Instagram or Facebook to win a FREE Pity Party package from us! What’s in a Pity Party package? Psh, like all of our packages, we’re not telling you for the surprise of it all, but what we can tell you is this package has everything you need to throw yourself a proper Pity Party! Expect things like “self help” tea, themed books, and other hand-picked hilarious items centered around the theme of the party.

 Want it? Need it? Gotta Have it? We thought so. We want to make your week here, so let us! The rules? They’re simple:

 Follow @packedparty on Instagram and Like our page on Facebook, post the photo on either platform and tag @packedparty in your post! Oh, and don’t forget to use the #packedpartypityparty to make sure we see it! The contest ends next Wednesday and when we announce the best Pity Party pic, so show us your Pity Party for a FREE one, what are you waiting for?

Three Things


1. We realize this purple lip gloss can be a bit intimidating, but we’re advising you not to be afraid! This beauty, called Revelry, goes on as a very sheer color and looks.good.on.everyone! We’re not kidding, it’s amazing. Meet our new go-to gloss this summer for all occasions.

2. We visited the topic of sheets last week on Three Things, so it’s only natural we’re giving you the inside scoop this week on what to wash your sheets in. Meet Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash, the best smelling thing to happen to your bed, well, since ever. Skip the generic crap when you’re washing your sheets and opt for something you’ll wake up feeling (and smelling) good over.

3. Out with the old in with the new! It was about time someone brought something hot to the holy grail of dipping sauces. Meet Sir Kensington Ketchup – hello yum! This ketchup isn’t just cute, it’s all-natural and even better, it’s more flavorful than that old beat up bottle. You know what us party girls are dipping our fries in, duh.

Three Things


1. Party girls are well-slept girls, and your bed is your sanctuary if you’re anything like us. We’re currently draping our coveted mattresses in these to die for Eucalyptus tree pulp sheets. Think jersey meets silk. Buy them here to sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed for all your partying.

2. We’re all about the blooms this spring! We can’t seem to get enough of these ranunculus flowers that are popping up all over this spring from store fronts to magazine covers. Buy them in rich pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds to add a fun flair to your coffee table or desk. Find them at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes – boom.

3. We’re all for a new product, and this one lives up to all its hype. Meet Bumble & Bumble’s City Swept Hairspray! We’re using it to set “un-done” looks when we’re on the go. Oh, and did we mention it smells amazing? Shop it here.

Where the heck is Packed Party!?


We figured it was about time we gave you an update about what it is we’re doing at Packed Party HQ, who the heck these “leaders of the packed” really are, and all that’s coming up for us. You’re curious, right?!

Where can I begin? There are so many exciting things coming up for us as we grow, and rapidly! You party girls sure know how to spread the word about a good thing, that’s been made very clear, so thank you, I am forever grateful. Currently we’re adding more packages to our arsenal, casting our net further to find even more un-discovered brands that create clever things, and finding new ways to bring you your party and faster.

We’re still getting the question of WHY aren’t we telling you what’s inside packages from a lot of you who are new to our concept and venturing to our site. We don’t tell exact contents inside packages as to add to the fun of sending and receiving Packed Party packages. There aren’t many things in life today left as a surprise, so we’re asking that you leave this to us. We’ve done all the hard work for you! Imagine driving all over town to find gifts centering around a break up or birthday – whatever the occasion, paying retail prices for all the items, attempting to find a colored and themed package similar to ours, buying a card, paying for shipping, the whole bit – what a nightmare. Skip it all because we’ve done it for you, the perfect thoughtful package for just $45.00!

When I came up with the concept for Packed Party, just like you I was wanting to send myself or someone else a fabulous gift. Go back and re-read the last two words in that sentence please. Yes, a fabulous gift. These packages have full-sized great things in them that we have hand-selected after countless hours of research, trying, testing, you name it, before we claim them as our own for these parties. This is the good stuff, promise.

So what’s new with us? Welp, a few things. We’re adding a bridal line of Packed Party packages to the list. Should we shout that brides!? WE HAVE BRIDAL PACKAGES COMING! The first of them? Our “THE Bridesmaid” package. This package has been created to ask your inner circle to be your bridesmaid, or just to give to your bridesmaids as a “thank you” on the big day. We’ll be leaking more info on this packages contents and card (we get wording is important for your big day) in the next week. Also, we’ve just added the cutest off-the-shoulder sweatshirts to our site for purchase. These light-weight cozy sweatshirts are the perfect throw on this spring and summer when the sun goes down. Think Wild Fox meets Packed Party for half the price, hello.

Speaking of new, let’s talk about our Leaders of The Packed. Who are these chicks? These are carefully selected women across the US on college campuses to promote kind and confident women. What do we mean promote kind and confident women? These women are leaders. They encourage others on campus to start their own party in life with our packages or just by doing whatever it is they love. These women are trend-setters, always confident, and ever kind.

That’s about all that’s new with us! Did I cover all the bases? We’re making big strides this spring with our brand new site, new packages, and all that we want to do for you. I ask that you be patient with us as we still are just 6 months in and learning as we go too. We want to make this perfect for you, and promise to always try our very best to do so. Packed Party is here to stay, so get on the party bus or get left behind (okay fine, I won’t leave you!).


Jordan, Packed Party Founder

Three Things


1. We don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard to come down off a long day! We’ve always found ourselves looking for that perfect cup of hot tea or a favorite flick to wind down…until we met Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Balm. This balm, similar to lotion, has rich camomile and sandalwood scent that throws us into serious donottalktome zen after we apply it to our temples.

2. We don’t know about you, but we covet all things new! This brand spankin’ new Deborah Lippman The Cure cuticle cream has changed our cuticles. We’re not naming names, but we have a few “pickers” on our team that tend to pull on their dry cuticles…we’ll just say this has become a staple at our desk and in our hand-bags. Get it.

3. Our founder recently took a Saturday to visit Sonoma and didn’t come back raving about the wine, but instead about this little gem she tried for breakfast. Meet Sunflower Caffe, the brightest, tastiest breakfast and lunch spot in wine country with it’s massive menu of breakfast sandwiches and home-made macaroons, this place is swoon-worthy.

Confidence, The Silent Killer.


What’s a confident girl defined by today? Is she the girl singing karaoke in the bar when no one else will get on stage!? Maybe she’s the one strutting across campus or at work in whatever she pleases, because, “she can pull it off”, or hey, maybe she’s the one who seems unaffected by all that comes her way. There’s many ways people dub others as confident, but we keep our definition simple.


A confident girl as defined by us is the girl who has the smile from a mile away. She may not have everything “perfect”, but she’s got her chin up. Yes, that’s her, that’s the one. She’s the one grinning ear to ear even when things aren’t quite right because she knows she’s in complete control of the cards on the table. This girl starts her own party we like to say. She’s unafraid to do things for herself and is kind enough to do them for others.


She may be dealt a bad hand on a crummy day with a breakup, a bad test score, or even just because, well, we all have bad days, but the small things don’t get her down. This is the girl who says, “I’m starting the party for me.”


Not long ago we started naming collegiate women on universities across the U.S. these confident women. We call these girls our “Leaders of The Packed”. You might see these girls handing out our Packed Party goodies on their campuses, yes, or hey, maybe they’re sporting one of our cutie off the shoulder sweatshirts (duh), but most importantly, these are the girls on campus who bring their own party.


If you’re still behind, we don’t mean the streamers and cake, silly. We’re talking these women bringing their smiles and their confidence to be leaders on their campuses. These women were carefully selected because they love our brand and what it is we stand for here at Packed Party. These women truly encompass what it means to be “party girls” as defined by us. Check out some of our quotes from a few of our “Leaders of The Packed” below and see why they love what they do.


PRINCETON LEADER OF THE PACKED: “I’m what Packed Party defines as a “party girl” because I know starting the party is all about the attitude– with a great attitude and a little glitter, every occasion can be celebrated.”

UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA LEADER OF THE PACKED: “My favorite thing about Packed Party’s concept is promoting the party girl as a sophisticated woman who carries herself with the utmost respect when entering any room at any time.”

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA LEADER OF THE PACKED: “UGA is such great place to be a Leader of the Packed because Athens is known for it’s fun and always exciting environment, so it’s perfect for a fun company like Packed Party!”

BAYLOR LEADER OF THE PACKED: “Promoting kind and confident women on campus is so important and possible through a brand like Packed Party that encourages women to start their own party for themselves or friends.”

Three Things

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1. Girl crush alert! We spent the weekend with Lauren Scruggs, one of our fave Texas bloggers who encompasses everything that is Packed Party. This kind, confident, and gorgeous gal has a killer sense of style we’re always stealing tips from here.

2. Like fried chicken?! If you don’t you haven’t met Sissy’s Southern Kitchen in Dallas. Might we recommend your fried chicken with a side of okra, or perhaps some homemade biscuits and honey? Drool now and thank us later.

3. Birthdays mean cake, duh. We’ve been totally blown *pun intended* away with this guilt free birthday cake gum from Project Seven! Find it in our Birthday Beb!


Three Things


1. Where do all the party girls go when it’s 5:00 p.m. in San Francisco?! Simple. We’re all at Lolo’s – our new coveted spot. This bright and cozy mexican food restaurant serves up the best margs and shrimp tacos in the city. Don’t believe us? Check them out yourself.

2. Obviously we’re all for the “little things”, duh. So, of course we scouted this Coordinates bracelet and died when we learned its sweet meaning. This bracelet, customizable when you order, allows you to add the place of someone special to you, or hey if you can’t seem to remember where you live when the clock strikes midnight we’ve found your solution.

3. Chocolate cravings happen – there’s no way around it! Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups make us feel less bad about surrendering to our cravings. We’re big fans.